An aging out of work pornstar gets murdered, but is mysteriously brought back looking younger and with superhero-like abilities.



A hugely popular superhero commits murder when his secret identity is at risk of being exposed by a troublesome reporter.



Two young brothers plot their revenge in an old abandoned movie theatre after witnessing their family getting gunned down by drug dealers.

"The Sister Mary Shotgun"


A lesbian nun with a drug addiction sets out on a vendetta against the local pimps and drug dealers with her sawed-off shotgun.

 “The Hitter”


A porn director dons a leather mask and sets out on a bloody revenge filled massacre after the mob kills his porn star girlfriend.

“The Story of Saigo”

•Sci-fi Drama

An unemployed Japanese businessman finds himself the only human left in Tokyo, now run by computers that wish to ease the cost of living by putting the human soul into cubes.

 "VE2: Dead in Vegas"


After being rejected by his friends, a one armed Velvis drinks his blues away in an old RV in the outskirts of Las Vegas. But when a succubus sets her eyes on making the strip her own, his old friends come knocking. Now Velvis has to save the day once again.

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