"Abandon All Heroes"


•Action/Found Footage

Logline: A band of wannabe superheroes get in over their heads when they try to take on a local gang, turning a city into a warzone.

Synopsis for the screenplay Abandon All Heroes:

After the death of his father and inheriting his very own condemned factory loaded with forgotten illegal weapons, a comic book nerd along with his childhood friend decide to put on costumes and become superheroes, fighting crime to help protect the city they love. Not wanting to do it alone and finding strength in numbers, the two start recruiting new members.


When the time is right, their skills heightened, they pick out their first target, a building in the projects that has an infamous secret. This is where the city’s whole drug supply comes from. The team strikes it, blowing up the drug labs and killing any gangsters inside.

After killing the gang’s leader, the heroes are hunted down, turning the city into a warzone, gunning down cops and civilians to get to them. Fighting to survive, the band of heroes getting smaller and smaller by the bullet, our hero team fights back. But with gun wielding maniacs and cops shooting at them, it’s going to take blurring the lines between what it means to be a hero and what it’s going to take to just survive.

Abandon All Heroes.pdf Abandon All Heroes.pdf
Size : 184.705 Kb
Type : pdf

"After the Rain"


Tagline: Booze, Sex, and Poetry

Logline: A mysterious stranger comes to a small western town to challenge a well-respected wealthy man to a duel to the death.

Synopsis for the screenplay After the Rain:

A Stranger comes to a small town, challenging Theodore Tiltmen, the town’s local wealthy philanthropist to a duel to the death. Why anyone would want this man dead is a mystery to everyone.

The duel has to be put on hold unfortunately because of the torrential downpour flooding the muddy streets.

In the meantime, both parties take up camp in saloons across from each other, waiting for the rain to stop.

On the Stranger’s side, he holds up at a rundown saloon that is getting run out of business by the competition next door.

That competition being Lily’s Place, part saloon, part casino, part cathouse. The perfect accommodations for a rich man like Tiltmen to spend his possible last few hours on earth in.

Back at the saloon with the Stranger is something Lily’s Place doesn’t have. The beautiful Ada. The last lovely flower still working in this dump. She has her eyes on the Stranger, all the other saloon girls are too nervous to even talk to him. It isn’t every day someone challenges a well-respected man to the death and that has piqued her interest. But also, as the story unfolds, we learn she is actually working for Dora. The main girl working at Lily’s.

Dora is both Tiltmen’s lover and also Ada’s. Promising Ada a position working at Lily’s, Ada sets out to sabotage the Stranger before the duel.

Meanwhile, on Tiltmen’s side of town, a bet has broken out about who will win this duel to the death. The money pool gets pretty hefty to say the least.

Stuck in the middle of this mess is the town’s Sheriff. He does his best to keep the peace and possibly find a different outcome for the situation. This is a mostly peaceful town that hasn’t seen much violence and thanks to the Stranger, it is about to get front row tickets.

As the night goes on, Tiltmen’s facade begins to slip. The drunker he gets the more unstable he becomes. Something just isn’t right with this man and the people in the saloon are starting to realize it.

As the morning sun rises and the skies clear up. It’s time for the long awaited duel. A duel that leaves Tiltmen the victor. But after hearing from the Stranger just what kind of monster this man really is, Ada shoots him dead.

Pleading for help, Dora steals the bet money and flees town, leaving Tiltmen to die face down in the mud, a fate befitting for a monster like him.

After the Rain.pdf After the Rain.pdf
Size : 173.081 Kb
Type : pdf

"Albino Crows"



Logline: A small town deputy sheriff and his waitress girlfriend get their worlds turned upside down with the arrival of a leather clad, muscle car driving lunatic.

Synopsis for the screenplay Albino Crows:

Brad was the town’s high school football star, now he’s the town’s deputy sheriff.  Sindy is Brad’s longtime girlfriend. They’re high school sweethearts, but she grows tired of the small town she lives in.

Their relationship becomes even more strained once the arrival of AZ, the leader of a muscle car gang named The Albino Crows storms into town.

For Sindy and AZ it’s lust at first sight. AZ is dangerous, sarcastic, brutal and most likely a psychopath.

He and his gang stir up trouble with the locals and the law. Brad gets even more jealous of AZ once Sindy leaves him for the gearhead.

Brad gives AZ and his gang an ultimatum, leave town or get arrested. But AZ isn’t going to leave that easily. He makes plans to leave with Sindy, offering her the longtime dream of finally going to Hollywood. Needing to think about it, AZ gives her a couple of days to come to a decision.

While Sindy is thinking it over, Brad is trying his best to move on, finding solace in a new relationship. As the deadline comes, AZ and his gang set a trap. They want to teach Brad a little lesson before they leave, beating him half to death with baseball bats.

A change in plans leaves Sindy upset. Now going to Mexico instead of California, she refuses to leave with AZ, forcing him to turn the car over; she gets out and walks away. Furious, AZ backs his car into reverse, running her down, brutally killing her.

When Brad wakes from his coma, he learns of Sindy’s death and vows revenge. He hunts them down, armed with a sawedoff shotgun, killing them off one by one.

Albino Crows.pdf Albino Crows.pdf
Size : 235.648 Kb
Type : pdf

Ass Kicker



Logline: After creating his own fighting style, Donny Milfer, a hapless loser, sets out to challenge his skills against local martial art masters to prove he is the ultimate ass kicker.

Synopsis for the screenplay Ass Kicker:

Donny “The Greatest” Milfer is thirty six years old, lives in his sister’s garage and has just hatched a plan to proclaim himself the greatest martial arts in the world.

Donny plans to challenge masters in four disciplines. Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, and Kung fu.

First up, the Karate challenge against Sensei Mike.

Of course, Donny doesn’t just challenge Sensei Mike. He shows up at his dojo while Mike is giving a lesson to a bunch of children, and throws a brick through his storefront window.

Sensei Mike finally rises to the challenge and the fight begins.

Donny appears to be on the road to victory until Mike’s students join in. The combined force of the kids, the instructor, and the late arriving police is too much.

It looks like Donny has gone down in defeat.

After Donny’s sister bails him and his friends out of jail, the forlorn trio reconvenes at Donny’s sister’s garage slash dojo with great news.


During their incarceration and recuperation, Sensei Mike closed down his dojo and fled town. Donny didn’t lose after all. The quest can continue.


Enter the do-jang.


Donny fights with a Grandmaster. Again, he’s losing pretty badly. But eventually, Donny manages to overpower the Grandmaster. He declares victory in a truly unusual way—which comes back to haunt him later.


Two down, two to go.

Except, the only judo “artist” in Donny’s immediate area is a seventh rate actor named Wilkins “Mad Dog” Wallis.


After some debate about whether fighting Mad Dog is a good idea, (beating him will mean no more of his judo movies), the three friends decide to march forward with Donny’s plan.


Before the judo fight, Dean and Donny have a falling out. The excuse for their argument is the manner in which Donny celebrated his victory over the Grandmaster.


Donny fights Mad Dog in an elevator. He’s taking advantage of one of the weaknesses he sees in this style of fighting. It over relies on opponent throws as a means toward victory.


Three down, one to go. The odds of accomplishing the quest are improving, but Donny has now sacrificed his best friend to his goal.


Erasing the feeling of accomplishment his fight victories were bringing to him, his sister views the tape of his celebration of his victory over the Grandmaster.


She kicks him out of her house.


Out of options, Donny eventually ends up at Dean’s house. Dean’s wife forces the best friends to reunite.


They track the only Kung fu master in their area, Emerson Sage, to a local YMCA.


It turns out that Emerson is a woman. Donny watches in awe as she takes to the ring and beats the crap out of a couple of big guys.


Donny is instantly in love. How will he complete his quest, though? He can’t fight a woman.


This leads to a bit of indecisive stalking of Emerson, that doesn’t get resolved until Connie finally calls Donny out on the real reason he doesn’t want to fight Emerson. He likes her.


If he admits this, he might be forced to actually get a job, act like a grown-up, and move out of his sister’s house.

We end with the Kung fu fight. Donny and Emerson having furious sex, Donny claiming his final win. Next stop, the world!

Ass Kicker.pdf Ass Kicker.pdf
Size : 189.269 Kb
Type : pdf



•Comedy/Character Study

Logline: A recently fired mattress salesman discovers a beer keg beside the road, now he must figure out how to get the keg and himself back home safely.

Synopsis for the screenplay BEERKEG:

Beerkeg is a low budget, dark comedy about heartbreak, adventure, and the need to put meaning in inanimate objects.

John is a heartbroken mattress salesman; well he was about five minutes ago, before he was fired for punching a coworker who slept with his girlfriend. Now he’s a disgruntled heartbroken ex-mattress salesman, taking his frustrations out on the store window with a brick.

While driving home, John discovers a beer keg beside the road, glistening in the sun, almost calling out to him. While answering the keg’s siren’s call, a thief steals his car.

What do you do when a beer keg is all you have? Emptying all his emotions into a single beer keg, John sets out on an adventure to find his way back home, all the while dragging a beer keg behind him. A task harder to pull off than originally expected.

Alone, lost, no money, no car, our hero sets out into the great unknown. What he finds is several strange characters along the way. A young drug dealer named Marcus and his crew sets their sights on John and his keg. After a daring attempt to get back his stolen keg, John now has Marcus and his crew in pursuit of him.

Trying to flee Marcus, John runs into a homeless drunk, who he carelessly assaults. Now John has two detectives named Roland and Dinkle after him.

To add even more to John’s woes, he gets mixed up with two masked men plaining to rob a flower shop. With police on the way, John makes a break for it, leaving the two masked men behind to fend for themselves. Worry not, detectives Roland and Dinkle are on the case, getting an exact description the homeless man gave them; they now suspect John in several acts of violence and armed robbery.

With Marcus still hot on his trail and the police looking for him, John’s little adventure has just become a fight for survival as both sides violently collide.

Size : 639.185 Kb
Type : pdf




Logline: A lone-wolf, leather clad stranger, hunts down vampires in Death Valley.

Synopsis for the screenplay Boogie Man: Road to Dirt:

Down the long hot desert highway of Death Valley stalks a lone-wolf, leather clad, vampire hunter only known as The Stranger.

Two Mafia vampire groups, their goons and a gang of undead bikers have a trade to make with the enemy, a secret military organization called The Military Boys who specialize in obliterating the demon kind. And it all goes down in an old abandoned airplane hanger out in the middle of nowhere. Least that’s the plan.

A ferocious sand storm prevents The Military Boys from going any further and they have to set up camp. The group is headed up by a wildly ambitious General and his hesitant son Eddy. Chained up in an armored truck, they have a monster only categorized as AN UNKNOWN. As for the vampire group, they have a monster named Tuluin. He specializes in turning things into gold. A key element for their trade. Gold for the monster The Military Boys got their hands on. Unbeknownst to Calvon, the leader of one of the vampire groups, his sadistic Driver and his beautiful assistant Aceley make plans of their own to claim ownership of the gold once it’s turned.

Meanwhile, out on the highway in the desert storm rides T and his undead biker gang. They smell blood in the air and acting out of hunger, head out for The Military Boys for a late snack. One by one The Military Boys are slaughtered by the vampire bikers. The General and Eddy manage to be the only survivors since they locked themselves in the only safe place. In with the monster they’ve chained up. Now that The Military Boys are gone and the bikers have the truck, there’s no need for a trade.

Back at the abandoned airplane hanger, they force their way into the armored truck, but all they find is the General, Eddy, and a little pink haired girl named Fumi armed with a giant battle axe. She doesn’t exactly look like a big nasty monster.

Calvon offers her a deal. Kill the one known as Boogie Man and she’ll be a rich woman. Just as an agreement is set, the Stranger comes busting in.

Excited by his sudden arrival, Fumi watches as the Stranger violently takes out the goons and the vampire biker gang. Pleased by the show, she decides she’d like to go a round with him, but waits until he’s finished everyone off first.

With everything taken care of, The Stranger walks down the desert highway. Up ahead he finds Fumi waiting impatiently for him.

Fumi wishes to tag along with the legendary Boogie Man. But he reveals to her that he isn’t the Boogie Man but is instead hunting him.

Boogieman.pdf Boogieman.pdf
Size : 1115.954 Kb
Type : pdf

“Boy 1"



Logline: A twelve-year-old assassin forms a strange relationship with the kidnapped daughter of a Yakuza boss.

Synopsis for the screenplay Boy 1:

Boy 1 is a fast paced action tale that is relentless in its violence and depravity.

One has no name, just a number. He lives off the money he gets from the assigned hits he receives from a cassette tape. He’s heartless and cruel. And he’s only 12 years old.

On one fateful day all of that changes when he rescues a young Japanese schoolgirl named June from the clutches of a local pedophile named Rob.

One takes her to his apartment where she refuses to leave until she can find a proper way to repay him for saving her life. Unbeknownst to One, June’s father is a Yakuza boss. And he wants his daughter back. He sends his best hitman named Gun to turn the city upside down to find her and get her back alive. To add to the young assassin’s troubles, his hit goes wrong and is pursued by Q, the brother of the man he’s just exterminated.

Q‘s relentless pursuit of the young killer leads to One’s whereabouts being blown. For June’s own safety, One insists she leaves. Reluctantly, she calls her father on a payphone across the street. At the same time of Q’s sudden arrival, June is once again abducted by Rob.

After a mighty battle with Q’s men, One comes face to face with his pursuer on the rooftop. Without letting Q finish his sentence, One shoots him in the head.

After doing some hard asking around, Gun finds June’s location and comes to her rescue. But she can only worry about One’s wellbeing.

Tired and spent, all looks lost for the young killer. By some odd fate, Gun manages to show up just in time to help out. Knowing June and One can never be together, he leads them both in believing that each other have departed into the afterlife. In tears, June and Gun drive off never to be seen again.

Boy 1.pdf Boy 1.pdf
Size : 229.72 Kb
Type : pdf




Logline: A female undercover cop gets bitten by a vampire hitman and must choose to either join him or kill him.

Synopsis of the screenplay Dead Bullet:

Dead Bullet is an LA based ultra violent story of love, revenge and anywhere in-between.

Julie is an undercover vice squad cop, their main goal this cold night in LA is a prostitution sting. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Abram shows up.

Unbeknownst to anyone in the room or anyone watching, Abram isn’t there for a good time, but to feed. Brutally attacking Julie, sinking his fangs into her neck, leaving her half dead. Her fellow companions on the other hand don’t get off so easy. Abram viciously kills them, leaving the only other survivor without a jaw.

Meanwhile, in a room next to theirs, is Michael. Michael is a low-level mobster on his first big drug deal. But with the activity going on next door, he gets spooked and flushes the drugs down the toilet. Now Michael must find a way to cover his tracks from the owner of the drugs, a mob boss. One way he does this is putting all the blame on a clueless young thug named Jameel.

Out of desperation, Michael goes to an organization that specializes in fixing problems. Their fixer just happens to be Abram.

Julie has been going through some changes since waking up at the hospital. The wound on her neck has miraculously healed. Not to mention the fact she just ate her neighbor’s dog.

To find answers, Julie goes back to the crime scene when she runs into Nesland already doing an investigation of his own. Nesland is a vampire hunter with eyes set on Abram. He’s been hunting him for years, blaming him for the death of his wife.

Julie agrees to have coffee with him hoping that he can help her to understand just what Abram is and what she is becoming. Thankfully, Nesland has a plan. A jar full of bullets, soaked in diseased blood. What he’s named his “Dead Bullets”.

Abram has to leave town, but not before he takes care of some chores. Firstly, he needs to take out any witnesses. To do that, he needs help. Help he finds in Jameel, our clueless young thug.

Jameel helps Abram break into the hospital room of the man whose jaw he took. There he finds Julie. Seeing her changed, he knows she must come with him. But only seeing him as a monster that needs to be killed, he leaves her to decide for herself what to do, but not before setting her up for the murder of her friend.

She turns to Nesland for help.

Needing money fast, Abram quickly resolves Michael’s little mob problem, by just killing the boss. Unfortunately, before Abram can get paid, he now needs to help rescue Michael's girlfriend.

With things now in order, Abram is ready to leave this city behind he gets the call he's been waiting for. Julie is waiting for him at a church. What he doesn’t know is that Nesland is there too, ready and waiting. Part of their deal of getting him there, Nesland agrees to end Julie’s misery with one of his special bullets to the back of the head, seemingly ending her life.

Abram walks freely into the trap set for him. The two battle it out until Nesland is able to hit Abram with one of his Dead Bullets.

Thinking the worst is over, Nesland walks back into the church but seeing that Julie’s body is nowhere to be found, he realizes the bullets don’t work. Abram tosses him across the room, leaving him broken and bleeding.

Nesland resorts to one final tactic. He downs the jar of blood and bullets, offering himself to Julie, the only other one that has successfully accepted Abram’s blood. She takes the offer and drinks; his diseased blood quickly runs through her veins, knocking her to her knees. Abram acts fast, he slits Jameel’s throat, giving Julie his fresh clean blood.

Enraged, Abram shows Nesland what happens to most people who drink his blood. They melt and explode.

Julie comes to terms with what has happened and accepts her fate. She decides to leave with Abram, her creator.

Dead Bullet.pdf Dead Bullet.pdf
Size : 259.123 Kb
Type : pdf



•Horror Comedy

Logline: Three young hikers in search of Bigfoot find themselves stalked by ferocious flesh-hungry werewolves.

Eyeshine.pdf Eyeshine.pdf
Size : 209.228 Kb
Type : pdf

"Hipster & The Schoolgirl"



Logline: A young, wild female assassin teams with a detached hired gun to steal money from the mob, setting up a sadistic serial killer for their crime. 

Synopsis for the screenplay Hipster & The Schoolgirl:

One wants money, the other wants revenge. One wants to clear his name while the other was sent to kill him. That’s the plot behind the gritty and obsessively violent tale of Hipster & The Schoolgirl.

Only known by her alias “The Schoolgirl“, she’s beautiful with ever-changing colored wigs. She’s also a cold-blooded killer. With the help of her partner in crime, alias the “Hipster“, they set out to heist money from the mob whenever one of their business deals involves a money exchange.

The Hipster is a detached killer that finds solace in a phone sex operator named Chera. The death of his father at a young age has left him scarred emotionally. The phone being less than personal, allows him to tell her things he could never say to someone face-to-face.

Identical looking to the Hipster is Masa, a serial killer hitman working for the mob. He’s also just been fingered as the one heisting the money. Masa must clear his name with the boss by finding the right guy and fast, because he’s got the mob’s number one contract killer after him.

Director Suzuki is making a film. He’s been making his film for years now. He’s always looking for new and shocking footage to shoot. But to raise money for his film, he works for his dad, the mob boss, as a triggerman. He enjoys his job, seeing as it mostly brings in the opportunity to shoot some interesting new footage. But in his heart, he’s not a killer, but the world’s next great director. So he tolerates it with his cameraman/girlfriend by his side, who is always filming. But when he hears that his next target is Masa, he jumps at the chance to film his death.


After doing some detective work, Masa learns of The Schoolgirl’s sightings. Seems Masa, Suzuki and The Schoolgirl were all once childhood friends. But while playing war with BB guns as kids one day, The Schoolgirl mistakes the Hipster for Masa and ends up shooting and killing his father.


Masa tortures The Schoolgirl until she gives up the Hipster. In the morning they all setoff to meet up at a coffee shop. Suzuki finds himself at the wrong one, while the Hipster and Masa take their gun battle through several blocks, until they end up at a video store. There Masa knocks him out and waits in a meat locker nearby for the Hipster to clear his name.


Unfortunately, they send Suzuki to take care of it. And take care of it he does, Masa gets a bullet between the eyes and a role in Suzuki’s film.


The Hipster goes off to find The Schoolgirl to finally take his revenge, he takes her to the place his father was killed and executes her.

Bleeding to death by a gunshot wound Masa left him with, the Hipster confides in Chera the phone sex operator one last time over a pay phone. Telling his story and what he did, they call the cops on him, minutes later the police have him cornered. But instead of going out quietly, the Hipster goes out with a single shot.

Hipster & The Schoolgirl.pdf Hipster & The Schoolgirl.pdf
Size : 185.714 Kb
Type : pdf

"The Killing Pond"



Logline: Six college kids go for a swim at a secluded pond for some fun in the sun when two crazy masked killers show up and kill anyone that tries to leave the water.

Short Synopsis:

Three beautiful college girls hear about a secluded pond somewhere near the university they attend, they set out to find this mysterious place before leaving for Spring Break. Along the way they run into three college guys who have the same idea but are lost. Together they join forces and find this little piece of backwoods southern heaven. A pond out in the middle of nowhere. Unbeknownst to everyone, this pond has a dark secret, it’s become the main attraction to two crazy masked killers only known as Jackal and Stalker. The rules to their twisted game are simple, you leave the water, they kill you.

Killing Pond, The.pdf Killing Pond, The.pdf
Size : 240.716 Kb
Type : pdf

 “The Last Obedient Dog”



Tagline: This can’t be love, can it? Love isn’t this twisted.

Logline: A teen’s obsession gets taken advantage of by the one he’s infatuated with.

Synopsis for the screenplay The Last Obedient Dog:

The Last Obedient Dog is a twisted teenage S&M love story that ends in tragedy. All the while being narrated by the main character’s phallus.

Patrick has an unhealthy obsession with his neighbor Wendy. The two are both in high school, but him being geeky, having freckles, wearing thick eyeglasses, and carrying an over-sized book bag, he just isn’t that noticeable. Least not to Wendy, the one he’s completely and utterly infatuated with. To a point that it hinders on a stalker’s obsession.

Wendy’s just an average teenager dating the popular high school football captain. Poor Patrick can’t even get her to look his way. But all of that changes once Beth takes a few weeks off of school for being sick. It’s now Patrick’s duty to take her text books to her every day after school.

Their first encounter doesn’t go over so well. Bluntly, she tells him she isn’t sick, but was pregnant and had an abortion. And given that piece of information, Patrick is quickly kicked out. The next day goes over just as badly. Yet is what starts off a chain of events that will conclude in horror.

Patrick confesses his true feelings towards her, receiving a slap to the face as his reward. Stunned by the strike to the face, he stares at her, only having her inflict even more pain onto him. She felt joy as she brought him even more pain. Not once does he try to stop her. In his head this is what he needed to do to prove himself. That’s what he needed to do to show her he’s the one for her no matter how much she makes him hurt.

Taking extreme pleasure from his abuse, she conceives of even more torturous things to do to him. Each being just as disgusting as the next. And if he refuses to do the things she asks, like a dog he is treated. Beaten and forced into submission.

But like anything worth holding on to, there must be a sacrifice. And for Patrick it meant for him to make the most severe sacrifice only a disturbed young girl could propose. To prove his love by severing himself from his own penis. The ultimate test of love. One that Patrick takes, only to have his heart broken by the one he loves but never loved him back.

Last Obedient Dog, The.pdf Last Obedient Dog, The.pdf
Size : 642.141 Kb
Type : pdf

“The Legend of the Greatest Karaoke Singer”      


•Action/Dark Comedy

Logline: When someone close to him gets kidnapped and held for ransom, a chain-smoking, binge-drinking, karaoke singer with an Elvis complex and a dark past, has to find a way to gather enough money before time is up and all is lost.  

Synopsis for the screenplay The Legend of the Greatest Karaoke Singer:

The Legend of the Greatest Karaoke Singer is a violent noir tale set around North Hollywood.

Lovecraft has lived one hard-boiled life killing for the mob. But like any other job, it starts to wear on you after a while. Now, Lovecraft just wants to binge drink, chain-smoke, sing karaoke and hang out in the park with Kara. But the past and a bitchy ex-girlfriend have a way of coming back to biting you on the unknowing and unforgiving ass.

Feepy’s an old flame of Lovecraft's. She needs money and she needs it by tonight or she’s one dead dame. It seems she owes money to a low down dirty loan shark named Shepard. To solve her little situation, she forcibly gets Lovecraft to agree to helping her. But not without the threat of killing a kidnapped Kara. Lovecraft has until midnight to get her the money she owes. And with the limited amount of time he has, he must visit a couple of old friends from that troubled past of his, he so desperately just wants to leave behind.

First on the list is Kid. An old friend and a gun dealer. The two make a deal. Deliver a duffel bag of guns to a bunch of crazy lucha libre bank robbers. If he does this, he’ll get his money, incidentally getting Kara freed. Sounds easy enough. In order to gain the bank robbers’ trust, they decide to take him with them on the bank heist. On the way, they stop to get gas and rob the place. And in a violent chain reaction, they shoot each other, leaving only Lovecraft alive with his blood splattered lady-killer sunglasses.

Lovecraft obtains the money as promised and heads out to get Kara back. But fate isn’t done screwing Lovecraft over just yet. While meeting Feepy and Shepard at his favorite karaoke bar, he runs into Shepard’s woman. She manages to steal the money right from under Lovecraft without him even knowing it. Without the money to get Kara back, Feepy trades her to Shepard. This pushes Lovecraft too far to play it quiet anymore.


Lovecraft violently and relentlessly kills off anyone that comes between him and Kara’s safety.

Lovecraft takes a little trip over to Shepard’s bar. Shepard’s men, not taking to his unannounced intrusion too kindly, but a bullet to their heads shuts them up pretty quickly. After taking a couple of hits himself, Lovecraft makes his way to a one stall bathroom. Shepard and his men have him surrounded. With one bullet left in the chamber of his gun, he spins the chamber and lets fate put a bullet between Shepard’s eyes. Using him as a shield, he fights his way through the heavily armed goons. After a loud explosion, Lovecraft steps out tattered and bleeding. He walks his way over to Kara his daughter who is waiting for him across the street. He lights up a cigarette and they walk off into the sunrise.

Legend of the Greatest Karaoke Singer, The.pdf Legend of the Greatest Karaoke Singer, The.pdf
Size : 704.714 Kb
Type : pdf

"Life Sucks and Then You Die"



Logline: A violent teen with the ability to see ghosts, tries to solve the mystery of how a teen girl who haunts his high school died.

Synopsis for the screenplay Life Sucks and Then You Die:

Jessica is forever 17, she died in 1980's. Ever since then she’s haunted the halls of her high school. She lives a very boring undead life of eavesdropping and peeking at the boys in the locker room.  If she tries to leave school grounds, she gets sucked back to the school boiler room. When not stalking the teens in class or gym, she hangs out with her childhood friend Christopher. Who is now the school’s guidance counselor.  She tries her best to stay away from the principal, James, who was once her abusive high school boyfriend, and now suspects might be the one who killed her.

David is also 17, but has kind of an anger issue. He’s dark, moody, likes to wear hoodies and carries around a hammer crowbar combo called the Annihilator. Since the age of 8 he has been able to see the dead. This has brought some unwanted trouble his way. He gets into fights at school, always winning, but also always getting him expelled.

His first day at his new school doesn’t go so well, he runs into Josh, a football jock that hates David right off the bat. In his first class he is seated next to a girl that’s been absent for a few days. Sitting in her spot is Jessica. She very noisily answers every question the teacher gives out. At first David doesn’t realize she’s just a ghost. And she doesn’t really take much of an interest in him until he starts trying to talk to her. Now Jessica is fascinated. It’s the first time someone has spoken to her in almost 30 years. Now she won’t leave him alone.

David has had it with moving around and with ghosts all together. So he ignores her. But Jessica isn’t going to be ignored, not now that she knows for the first time she can’t be.

Meanwhile, a string of missing teens has been surging around town.

Jessica finally wears David down, gets him to start talking to her by offering up which girls like him. The two oddballs joke around, talk about things; open up more and more together. David even breaks into school every night just to see her. As time passes, David begins to wonder how she died. She doesn’t know but suspects her old high school boyfriend, now the principal.

Convinced there is a serial killer working in the school, David amps up his investigation. He follows James to his home, and watches him at night. He follows James to a bar, uses his Annihilator to get him talking about Jessica. With a broken leg and a few cracked ribs, he finally admits to killing her.

After violently talking to James, David has a new task, find Jessica’s body. Seeing as the boiler room is the place she ends up whenever she strays too far from school, he suspects her body was put there somewhere. The boiler being the only place to hide a body.

Searching each boiler, they stumble upon what they were looking for. There they find her skeleton. In her hand is a watch. A watch she gave her best friend for his 17th birthday. Christopher, the guidance counselor. Not only has Christopher been hiding the fact that he killed her, but has also been killing ever since.

Enraged, David confronts him in his office. But Christopher stabs him in the stomach and makes a run for it. David follows in pursuit, chasing him down the hall, bleeding to death.

Jessica manages to muster up enough energy to stop Christopher, punching him in the face. David leaps on to his back and the two struggle. Just when it looks like Chris has the upper hand; the police show up just in time and shoot him dead.

In ghost form, David is finally able to touch Jessica. They share a passionate kiss. But he can’t stay, they’ll find her body soon and he’ll be stuck there all alone. So he goes back to his body where he manages to tell the police of her whereabouts and of Christopher’s crimes.

As he’s wheeled out of school, he gets one last look at Jessica as she fades away.

Life Sucks and Then You Die.pdf Life Sucks and Then You Die.pdf
Size : 187.824 Kb
Type : pdf



•Dark Comedy/Thriller

Logline: When a hitman wakes up living a boring alternate life, he starts to suspect maybe there is someone close to him he’s been hired to kill. 

Synopsis for the screenplay MilQ:

Mike has the unfortunate career of introducing bullets to peoples’ brains. His newest assignment however leads to his own unfortunate death, waking up in a bed next to a particularly beautiful but unfamiliar girl. Being considerably confused by the situation, Mike probes her for answers.


Explaining she’s just his girlfriend and he is in fact just a photographer, which is far from his previous profession as a hired killer. Thinking all this is just a cover for a job he’s on, he searches for answers. In his hotel bedroom closet he finds several photos of individuals living in the same complex. He automatically comes to the conclusion one of the people in the photos is his target. Even suspecting his supposed girlfriend.


Questioning everything around him, suspecting everyone, Mike must make a decision on who his target is, if not he’ll just have to kill everyone just to be sure. While stalking a potential suspect, Mike hears another theory about what might be happening. When he died, he woke up in an alternate life.  

MilQ.pdf MilQ.pdf
Size : 641.09 Kb
Type : pdf




Logline: A vigilante ex-cop with a drug addiction, puts his vendetta on hold after falling in love with a stripper.

Synopsis for the screenplay Opiate:

Spencer is a vigilante cop with an opiate addiction. He’s been on a self-righteous vendetta knocking off mobsters and opium dens around Hollywood. Until he meets the most beautiful stripper he has ever seen in his life. The amazing Virgin.

Virgin works under Jake, the head of a small crime organization that runs a small hash house/strip club as a money laundering front. Spencer unfortunately has just murdered Jake’s older son, along with the second in commands of most of the gangs in LA.

Fearing Jake might be next, he is restricted to staying in his office in the back of the strip club.

Meanwhile, Spencer is losing touch with reality, falling victim to his hallucinations and his obsession with Virgin.

To keep himself company, he also has Eddy held hostage. Eddy is a low lever drug dealer that is forcibly helping Spencer rob the gangs in the city blind of their cash and drugs.

But since meeting Virgin, Spencer’s goals seem less important. Unbeknownst to him, Virgin is a lesbian with zero interest in him. She’s just playing a part to make money and gain info for Jake.

Too lovesick to think clearly anymore, Spencer tries to free Virgin from Eddy’s clutches. The brave move goes unrecognized and is beaten up, tossed from the club.

Angry, Spencer returns, violently killing everyone in sight, leaving only Virgin left alive. Armed with a gun, she shoots him and he returns the favor.

With the arrival of the police and him bleeding to death, Spencer plays his favorite song in the jukebox and steps out to meet the barrage of bullets from the police.

Opiate.pdf Opiate.pdf
Size : 181.285 Kb
Type : pdf

 “Pimp Daddy”



TAGLINE: Bros before zombie hoes.

Logline: Four feuding street pimps face each other and zombies in the ghetto they protect.

Synopsis for the screenplay Pimp Daddy:

Once upon a time in a ghetto far far away, there were four pimps that dealt with criminals and drug dealers their own way. A way that didn’t involve the police or any outside help. Street pimp justice. For years they kept their neighborhood safe. But years of friendship was so easily broken by a silly love triangle. A feud that made the four pimps break off and split, leaving them to take care of their own blocks. Years of friendship down the sewer pipe cause of a chocolate beauty prostitute named Chasity. The sister of Sir Mawn, lover to Vondel, stolen by Pimp Daddy himself. But the fourth pimp had a secret. Lord Denielle wanted power and money. Not just bitches and hoes. He wanted everything. And to him that meant selling drugs. But this new product has a very nasty side effect. Seems it makes you demented, gives you the need to bite people and in the end, eventually kills you. If that wasn’t bad enough, it also brings you back. And the people bitten will soon suffer the same fate.

With this epidemic spreading fast throughout the four pimps’ blocks, they must once again band together to fight off the undead that so eagerly want to feast on their insides.

But years of scorn can’t be so easily forgotten. Not by Pimp Daddy and not by Vondel. They just can’t set aside their differences, even as they’re the only ones left alive.

With the two knowing their horrible fate to come, they battle it out with the hundreds of thousands of undead. As the walls slowly begin to close in on them, the sun rises and rigor mortis sets in. Leaving the undead trapped in place in their own bodies. Even after Chasity’s death and the death of their fellow pimps, the two can’t let the past go. They swear an oath to kill each other the next time they meet. And a pimp’s word is always golden.

Pimp Daddy.pdf Pimp Daddy.pdf
Size : 228.935 Kb
Type : pdf

"Secret Dream"



Logline: In a futuristic 1950's New York,  a haunted mob triggerman on the run crosses paths with a strange female android that has a troubling past of her own.

Synopsis for the screenplay Secret Dream:

Secret Dream is a big budget, ultra-violent, high octane, cyber punk, samurai love story.

In an alternate timeline, a 1950’s New York has been turned into a city that is forever cast in darkness. All thanks to a breakthrough in scientific development. A city in the sky.

In 1920, the first building went into the heavens, changing history as we know it. And more importantly, the lives of our two main characters.

Kai is a hitman working for a mob boss who is also the governor of New York City. The year is 1946, the world is no longer at war with itself, instead there’s a cold war with the city floating above them.

In a covert assassination attempt, Ash is sent to take out the Governor and anyone else who works for him. Ash is an android, a machine made to only appear to be human. Unbeknownst to the leaders in the sky or the beautiful robot sent to kill the Governor, Kai has already done her job for her.

Kai is in love with the Governor’s daughter Sella. The two plan to run away together to the city in the sky. The only problem is, Kai’s boss and his best friend Shiro have other plans for him. One that involves a coffin. Learning of the news her father has died at the hands of the one she loves, Sella runs out into the street, getting struck by a passing car, dying instantly.

The year now is 1956; Kai is still haunted by the outcome of his actions and the lives that were lost because of it. With strict immigration laws, INS Agent Nya sets her sights on Kai, who finds himself on the run once again. The city in the sky has a zero immigrants allowed policy, Kai being a main offender. With the help of several armed troopers, and two mecha police units, they manage to capture Kai, but not before losing a few lives in the process.

Ash has had a vexing past few years as well. After failing her mission to assassinate the Governor, she was set for decommission. Learning of her fate, she tries her best to fight it. Ultimately failing in that as well. Years later, she’s being sold on the black market sex trade to the city’s wealthiest man, Mr. Rabenstein. During the deal, Ash exchanges glances at a detained Kai in a passing police car. Something in her clicks and her eyes go black. She breaks free from her captures, frees Kai.

Angered by the sight of seeing his expensive purchase go flying out the window, Mr. Rabenstein hires a team of mercenaries to retrieve her. A team headed up by the one and only Shiro. The friend Kai betrayed for love.

INS Agent Nya has screwed the pooch. Not only has she managed to lose countless lives in the process of apprehending one illegal, but managed to let the illegal escape. She now has a new mission and a new partner in Calit, a man she doesn’t completely trust. But needs to work with if she intends on successfully completing her mission. The mission being to acquire the android Ash.

Ash and Kai are on the run from cops. They need to find a place to hide out until things die down. Good thing Kai still has one friend left in Sammy Boy, a nightclub owner and a peddler in illegal advance tech, flying cars.

Ash and Kai find comfort in their safe haven, so much so that they end up making love. The moment is shattered when Shiro’s clan comes into the club looking for Ash. To make things worse, Nya comes crashing into the club piloting a giant mecha police unit.

During the chaos, Shiro captures Ash and taunts Kai to follow.

With the help of Sammy Boy and his illegal trade business, they follow them right to Mr. Rabenstein’s giant skyscraper in the sky. Agent Nya and her partner Calit follow in pursuit right behind them.

Kai one by one takes out a member of the Shiro clan until all that is left is Shiro himself. The two use their swords for talking, and when it looks like Shiro might not win, he uses a bomb instead.

Blown out the building, Kai is rescued by Ash as he dangles from the ledge. The two make it to the roof safely, before a shot is fired from a gun Ash attained during her capture.

Looking down at the bullet hole in his chest and the smoking gun in Ash’s hand, he embraces her. For just a second her old program kicked in, seeing Kai as a target to kill.

Another shot is fired, this time from above by Nya’s partner Calit. He’s left Nya bleeding to death and Ash with half a head. Inside her metal skull lies a dark secret the city has been keeping, eventually the buildings will fall and millions will parish.

As Ash and Kai fall off the roof of the building, plummeting to the city below, they do so in each other’s arms.

Secret Dream.pdf Secret Dream.pdf
Size : 232.93 Kb
Type : pdf

“Smoke Crack & Worship Satan”



Logline: An indie rocker’s femme fatale drug dealing girlfriend takes him on a journey, where he discovers along the way that all her clientele are grotesque monsters.  

Synopsis for the screenplay Smoke Crack & Worship Satan:

Colt has had a crush on Bette since he first laid eyes on her in middle school. She unfortunately doesn’t know he exists. So one night he lays out a pentagram made of duct tape and asks Satan for his help.  The following day she unfortunately dies in a freak car accident. Ever since then she’s been haunting him as an undead zombie.

Now, years later, Colt has moved on. The apple of his eye is now his mean, but beautiful badass femme fatale drug dealer named Dita. She’s mean, sexy and wants the money he owes her for all the drugs he buys from her. Which he doesn’t use, but it’s a good excuse to see her on a daily bases.

Dita is a no nonsense kind of gal. Especially when it comes to her booming drug business. She uses her loser boyfriend Dex to help her collect her money when someone refuses to pay up.

Unbeknownst to Colt or even her clueless boyfriend, Dita has a huge girly crush on him. The only problem, he’s way younger than her, and seemingly has a big appetite for drugs, which she helps supply. Not to mention the giant debt he’s racked up with her. He also belongs to this indie punk noise band she’s just absolutely crazy for.

Dita takes her and Colt’s relationship a step further, agreeing to be his girlfriend.  But having to break up with Dex, she’s now down one leg breaker, so Colt has to take over.  He agrees but finds the job way more difficult and stranger than imagined.

Ever since a car crash that ended the life of his high school sweetheart, Dex’s life has been a downward spiral. Besides losing his love, he’s also lost the ability to cast a shadow. Now he’s found himself in the role of the stalkery ex.

While spying on Colt, he finds out his terrible little secret, he’s been keeping a zombie in his bedroom. Not just any zombie though, Dex’s old sweetheart, Bette. The two were madly in love until one day after the prom, just being crowned king and queen, the two get in a horrific car accident.

The two try to rekindle what they had, but for the same reason Colt and Bette aren’t together, Dex is having trouble dealing with her zombie-ism.

After a run in with an angry client, Dita has to leave town. She asks Colt to flee with her, but having a life of his own and a zombie ball and chain, he can’t follow.

In the end Bette and Colt still have each other, the way it was meant to be.

Smoke Crack & Worship Satan.pdf Smoke Crack & Worship Satan.pdf
Size : 194.942 Kb
Type : pdf

“Talking Backwards”



Logline: A seemingly milquetoast New York lawyer becomes increasingly violent once the arrival of a popular new coworker disrupts his life.  

Synopsis for the screenplay Talking Backwards:

Adam is a young and lonely lawyer. He's thought of ending his life several times, but he can never really seem to go through with it.

Good things never really seem to find poor this poor soul. Until one day a coworker goes out of his way to spark a friendship.

While at a nightclub, he runs into Jean. The beautiful opposing counsel on a current case he‘s working on. In a drunken haze, they end up waking up together. But with her having no memory of the night before, Adam finds himself having to explain things. With most of the misunderstanding cleared up, she decides to ask him out on a date for his kindness.

Things finally seem to be going Adam's way. That is until the arrival of James, a hot new attorney, joins the law firm. Adam becomes increasingly jealous, watching as the new guy steals away his newfound friends and would be girlfriend Jean.

With his world falling apart, Adam finds solace in Tink, a stripper that eats men like him up for a living. Quickly, he becomes engulfed by her. But reality hits when her violent abusive pimp Paco catches wind of their relationship and has a violent talking to with Adam about it.

Becoming more and more afraid and unstable, Adam gets a gun. Now it's time for everyone to finally be afraid of him for once, taking justice in his own hands. 

Talking Backwards.pdf Talking Backwards.pdf
Size : 646.582 Kb
Type : pdf
“The Velvet Elvis”
Logline: A black Elvis impersonator and part-time monster hunter, must stop a masked serial killer before he can set free an ancient evil, unleashing hell on earth.
Synopsis for the screenplay The Velvet Elvis:
Velvis has the dream of hitting it big in Los Angeles as a singer. But he’s finding it harder and harder to turn his dream into a reality. Besides the fact he’s a black Elvis impersonator, he’s also struggling to juggle that pesky full-time job as a monster killing desperado.
Samael is Velvis’ manager, agent, and PR person. Not only does he find gigs for our budding future star, he also finds demons and monsters in need of being sent back to hell. And he’s just found a lively one, a big dumb serial killer named Seth. A human that is being manipulated by a lovely looking demon named Lamia.
Lamia needs 100 human souls sacrificed in her name to bring her back into our realm. Something our heroes cannot let happen.
Armed with his golden.357 Magnum and a talking bowling ball bag, Velvis begins the hunt. After finding an abandoned body-filled apartment, Velvis turns to his only lead, a young pretty dead girl on a blood soaked bed. After a little black mass ritual, he is able to bring her back from the dead, but only for a short while.
Lilith awakes from her deathbed thirsty for revenge against the monster who brutally murdered her. Thinking she could be helpful, she is allowed to join team Velvis.
After leaving a trail of dead bodies, Seth and Lamia take up refuge at a nightclub run by Calvon, a vampire mafia boss. And unfortunately for Velvis, he just popped up on Calvon’s radar, sending vampires to kill our pompadour hero.
With Lamia losing her grip on Seth’s psyche, he gives her the slip and heads back to his apartment where Velvis and the gang are waiting for him after narrowly escaping a deadly vampire onslaught.
Noticing Seth is missing, Calvon sends out his most skilled assassins, Blood & Nerve to make sure of his safe return.
With Samael out of the fight with a belly full of buckshot, and Velvis missing an arm, it looks like Seth will make his final sacrifice. But not if Velvis has anything to say about it. He takes Seth out using his last bullet, and finishes off the assassins with Seth’s deadly cleaver.
To everyone’s surprise, that’s enough to bring Lamia back into our world. Regrettably, she only has a few seconds to enjoy it before Samael blows her away with his shotgun.
After the smoke clears and all is safe again, Velvis calls for an early retirement from hunting and singing as he takes his severed arm from down off the wall. And with that, The King has left the building.
Velvet Elvis, The.pdf Velvet Elvis, The.pdf
Size : 249.79 Kb
Type : pdf

 "What God Abandoned"



Logline: A mercenary on the run has to keep himself and three kids safe from a soldier seeking revenge.

Synopsis for the screenplay What God Abandoned:

The Merc is a gun for hire, a lethal battle torn mercenary who makes any war his own for an extravagant price.

It’s been almost two years since he joined forces with the rebel army, seeking to liberate their country from western control.

But with the revolutionary war reaching its final climax, militant troops finally head for the capital.

The Merc has grown sick of all the atrocities he’s had to witness along the way. Adding to his disgust, he now has to meet up with the psychopath in charge for the final push into the country's last stronghold.

Unable to look the other way anymore, the Merc kills the fiend leading the charge before he can rape and murder a family, now leaving three children orphans, stuck in a city under siege.  

Now on the run from the revolutionary army and the ruthless brother of the man he killed, the Merc has three kids to look after, journeying into the hellish desert wasteland, witnessing all the horror he’s left in his wake.

What God Abandoned.pdf What God Abandoned.pdf
Size : 200.366 Kb
Type : pdf


 "A Gentleman's Appetite"

Logline: A hitman is hired by an eccentric billionaire to acquire an unusual package for him.


Mr.Wilke is a professional. If you have a job that needs done, he’s your man. The dirtier the better. Unfortunately, Mr. Wilke is being forced into an early retirement by an inoperable brain tumor. Wanting to make sure his family is financially well off, he takes one last job.

Calling himself The Gentleman, he offers a small piece of his vast fortune for Wilke to pick up a package for him. Agreeing, Wilke finds himself in the role of wet nurse taking care of a newborn.

Maybe it’s the fact he’s finally facing his own mortality, he finds himself bonding with the baby.

After handing the infant over, he breaks one of his golden rules, never ask questions. Joining the Gentleman in his empty giant dining room, he’s offered his money and some answers to his questions.

The Gentleman is also dying of cancer, but there’s still one thing he wants to try before his passing. The consumption of human flesh, offering Wilke a plate at the table.

In horror, Wilke kills anyone that gets in his way. Hearing the cries of the baby somewhere in the house, he takes the baby and makes a break for the exit. After a failed attempt to get away, he wakes up back at the dinner table, tied to his chair with a silver platter placed in front of him. Dinner is served.

A Gentleman's Appetite.pdf A Gentleman's Appetite.pdf
Size : 63.716 Kb
Type : pdf


A Viking warrior hunts down an old enemy who has taken his son.

Bastard.pdf Bastard.pdf
Size : 53.369 Kb
Type : pdf

 Dead in Vegas

After being rejected by his friends, a one armed Velvis drinks his blues away in an old RV in the outskirts of Las Vegas. But when a succubus sets her eyes on making the strip her own, his old friends come knocking. Now Velvis has to save the day once again.

Dead in Vegas.pdf Dead in Vegas.pdf
Size : 83.967 Kb
Type : pdf


LOGLINE: An elderly man comes home to his wife as an undead zombie.

SYNOPSIS for the short Gums:

Poor Tony is late for dinner. Wife Margaret is making spaghetti. But Tony has unfortunately been turned into one of the undead. Being dead doesn’t seem to affect his memory any, he manages to make it home just in time to get a tongue lashing for being late.

Margaret talks to their daughter over the phone while trying to boil pasta and chop meat. Not to mention push off Tony’s advances to eat her. Thinking he’s just trying to get fresh, she brushes it off. Not til she notices a giant hole in the back of his head does she realize something might be wrong with her Tony.

Tony tries to bite her but his dentures fall out, leaving it impossible to eat the flesh from her brittle bones. So Tony multi tasks. He picks up the meat cleaver she was using to chop meat and runs after her.

Margaret’s screams draw attention to Judith, their apartment neighbor. But before Judith can get a grasp on what’s going on, she’s beaten in the head with Tony’s instrument of death.

Margaret quickly makes it back to the kitchen where she tosses the boiling water on Tony’s face. Disappointed with the result, she shoves the pot on his head as well. The phone rings, Margaret reaches out to answer, but with Tony’s thrashing around, it makes it very difficult. She uses a sauce pan like a shield and manages to knock the phone off the hook and yell for help. But help will come too late for poor Margaret.

gums.pdf gums.pdf
Size : 470.361 Kb
Type : pdf

 "The Heart Eats The Head"

LOGLINE: A lesbian finds herself falling in love with her bestfriend. Her male room mate.

The Heart Eats The Head.pdf The Heart Eats The Head.pdf
Size : 64.486 Kb
Type : pdf

Last Dance With The Red Lips

LOGLINE: A hitman finds himself falling for a red haired temptress, who he’s sent to kill.

SYNOPSIS for the screenplay Last Dance With The Red Lip:

Last Dance with The Red Lips is of film noir style.

Jackman is a hitman sent to kill the mob boss’ girl. She ran off with a lot of his money. Not to mention his heart. Jackman’s job is to kill her and get the money back. But he’s finding that harder to do than expected. The beauty she used to captivate his boss, seems to be working its magic on him as well. This feral cat isn’t without her claws. She’s more dangerous than he knows. Not only is she beautiful and a thief, but also a cold-blooded serial killer.

After months of tracking her down, all clues lead Jackman to a swanky hotel. But what Jackman finds in that hotel room isn’t her or the money, but a horror show. A brutalized decapitated body of a woman is found in the bathroom.

Disgusted, Jackman runs out, but not before getting the whereabouts of the occupant of that room. He goes across the street with fire in his belly and nothing else, seeing as he threw up everything else.

In a casino, he finds Jane, red hair, red dress and red lips. She’s the one Jackman is looking for, not to mention responsible for the body in her hotel bathroom.

Jackman forcefully encourages her to show him where the money is, but Jane just wants to finish her drink and dance one last time. Not so reluctantly, he grants her final wish and the two dance together. Not being able to control himself, Jackman kisses her. Images of what she did reminds him of his loyalties and snaps back to reality.

Jane leads Jackman back to her hotel room, promising that was where she kept the mob money she stole. The money is in the only place Jackman didn’t have the stomach to look for it, in the bathroom. When Jackman comes out with the money ready to end Jane’s life, he finds her ready as well. She shoots him in the gut and watches him slowly die, being the last woman he ever danced with, the one with the red lips.

last dance with the red lips.fdr.pdf last dance with the red lips.fdr.pdf
Size : 0.575 Kb
Type : pdf

"The Story of How I Started Sniffing Glue and Became A Kickass Dude"

Logline: A man having a really bad day finds solace in sniffing glue, which leads to a crazy adventure.


Damon has just been fired from his job and found his girlfriend cheating on his with another girl. Now wanting to kill himself, he finds himself jumping off a bridge. But it not being all that high, all he ends up getting is a little wet. But under the bridge getting high, he meets Dirty Joe.

Together the two spend the day getting high off sniffing glue. He even introduces Damon to a lovely transvestite prostitute named Bailey.

Paranoid and high out of his mind, Dirty Joe kills the hotel manager who keeps banging at the door for them to leave.

All this being a little too much for Damon, he runs away. Dirty Joe chases after him, collapsing on the ground after having a massive heart attack. He dies in Damon’s arms, bequeathing to him his trusty sawed off shotgun.

Still craving glue, Damon robs a gas station already in the process of being robbed. After shooting and killing the robber, Damon is deemed a hero by the shop owner. He’s escorted out the back so the cops don’t arrest him. Fleeing to a nearby sperm bank, Damon takes one last stand.

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