* Brenton Charles Lonkey *

Leatheranimal Productions
Screenwriter / Director / Editor / Animator / Producer - 10 Years Experienced 




2011-2012 Screenwriter
Screenwriting: Feature
• Clients include: Jeff Stewart & Amazon Studios

2011-2012 Screenwriter
Screenwriting: Features
• Clients include: Chris Boykin 

2007-2011 Director / Screenwriter / Producer / Animator / Editor - Independent
• Leatheranimal Productions, Dumbfounded Productions

2005-5/25/05 Screenwriter - Freelance
Screenwriting: Features
• Clients include: Michael Emory

2004-9/27/04 Screenwriter - Freelance
Screenwriting: Features(adaptation)
• Clients include: Teddy Moore

2003-4/13/03 Screenwriter - Freelance
Screenwriting: Features
• Clients include: Andi Ambrose



Finalist 2018 Crimson Screen Film Festival - Best Script Award

Semifinalist 2011 Annual Awards Best Script Award

September 2011 Amazon Studios Finalist - Best Script Award

July 2011 Amazon Studios Semifinalist - Best Script Award

June 2011  Amazon Studios Semifinalist - Best Sci-Fi/Action Script Award

February 2011 Amazon Studios Semifinalist - Best Script Award

2010 Underground Exposure Film Festival - Best Screenplay




"The Womb" (short) 2015

Screenwriter / Director / Editor

Leatheranimal Productions

"MONEYSHOT" (Short) 2013

Screenwriter / Editor

Leatheranimal Productions

Dumbfounded Productions



"Hipster & The Schoolgirl" (test film) 2011


Monlien Art Farm



"The Velvet Elvis" (test film) 2011-2012


ADP Films



"BBASUCKS" (Short) 2011 - 4/4/11

Screenwriter / Director / Editor

Leatheranimal Productions

Dumbfounded Productions


"BBA: The Unsung Ballad of the Rise & Fall of the World's Worst Band" (Feature) 2007 - 2011

Screenwriter / Director / Producer / Editor

Dumbfounded Productions

Leatheranimal Productions


"Headless" (Short) 2010

Screenwriter / Director / Editor

Leatheranimal Productions


"Boy Evil's Acts of Kindness" (Short) 2009

Screenwriter / Director / Editor

Leatheranimal Productions


"Reviewing Movies with Frankenstein" (Short) 2007

Screenwriter / Director / Editor

Leatheranimal Productions


SCREENPLAYS BY: Brenton Charles Lonkey


"Abandon All Heroes"


A band of wannabe superheroes get in over their heads when they try to take on a local gang, leading to a citywide warzone.

"After the Rain"


Two men wait for the rain to pass so they can duel to the death.

"Albino Crows"


A small town deputy sheriff and his waitress girlfriend get their worlds turned upside down with the arrival of a leather clad, muscle car driving lunatic.


"Ass Kicker"

•Karate Comedy

After creating his own form of martial arts, Donny “The Greatest” Milfer, sets out to challenge his skills against local dojos.




A micro budget, dark comedy about heartbreak, adventure, and the need to put meaning in inanimate objects.

A recently fired mattress salesman discovers a beer keg beside the road, now he must figure out how to get the keg and himself back home safely.


"Boogie Man: Road to Dirt"


FX driven character study, set in Death Valley

A lone-wolf, leather clad, stranger hunts down vampires in Death Valley with his trusty jet-black Gibson guitar.


"Boy 1"


Low budget grindhouse, fast-paced action tale relentless in its violence and depravity

A twelve-year-old assassin forms a strange relationship with the kidnapped daughter of a Yakuza boss.


"Dead Bullet"


Female undercover cop gets bitten by a vampire hitman and must choose to either join him or kill him.



Three young hikers in search for Bigfoot find themselves stalked by ferocious flesh-hungry werewolves.


"Hipster & The Schoolgirl"


Low budget, splatterhouse set in New York, NY

One wants money, the other wants revenge. One wants to clear his name and the other was sent to kill him.

"The Killing Pond"


Six college kids go for a swim at a secluded pond for some fun in the sun when two crazy masked killers show up and kill anyone that tries to leave the water.

"The Last Obedient Dog"


Winner of the Underground Exposure Screenplay Competition - Best Screenplay

Low Budget, one-sided teenage S&M love story

A teen's obsession gets taken advantage of by the one he’s infatuated with.

"The Legend of the Greatest Karaoke Singer"

•Action/Dark Comedy

High-Concept, Low budget. Set in North Hollywood, CA

When someone close to him gets kidnapped and held for ransom, a chain-smoking, binge-drinking, karaoke singer with an Elvis complex and a dark past, has to find a way to gather enough money before time is up and all is lost.


"Life Sucks and Then You Die"


A violent teen with the ability to see ghosts, tries to solve the mystery of how a teen girl who haunts his high school died. 



•Action/Dark Comedy/Thriller

High-Concept, Micro-low budget. Darkly funny, dialogue heavy, violent character study

When a hitman wakes up living a boring alternate life, he starts to suspect maybe there is someone close to him he's been hired to kill.




A vigilante ex-cop with a drug addiction, puts his vendetta on hold after falling in love with a stripper.


"Pimp Daddy"


An epic big budget, homage to the classic Blaxploitation & Zombie films of the 70's

Four feuding street pimps face each other and zombies in the ghetto they protect.


"Secret Dream"

•SCI-FI Action

Big-budget futuristic setting split in a noir world

Haunted by a troubling past, a mob triggerman on the run crosses paths with a strange female android that has a troubling past of her own.

"Smoke Crack & Worship Satan"


A Satan worshipping indie rocker and his drug dealing girlfriend go on an odyssey, discovering along the way that all her clientele are grotesque looking monsters.


"Talking Backwards"

•Romance/Dark Comedy

A seemingly milquetoast New York lawyer becomes increasingly violent once the arrival of a popular new coworker disrupts his life.  



"The Velvet Elvis"


Low budget, set in Hollywood, CA

A black Elvis impersonator struggles trying to juggle both his music career and his full-time job hunting demons in Hollywood.

"What God Abandoned"


A mercenary on the run has to keep himself and three kids safe from a soldier hell-bent on seeking revenge.   


SHORT SCREENPLAYS BY:  Brenton Charles Lonkey


"A Gentleman's Appetite" - Thriller

"The Story of How I Started Sniffing Glue and Became A Kickass Dude" -Action Comedy

"Eel Juice" - Noir

"Gums" - Elderly Horror

"Last Dance with the Red Lips" - Noir

"Living Buddha" - Noir/Revenge

"Opiate" - Noir/Revenge

"Sourgrape" - Noir/Crime

"The Heart Eats The Head" - Romance


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